Saturday, May 21, 2011

#Rapture If the world is going to end today, why is everyone having a party?

Today is one of those scheduling nightmares where everyone has something going on that I want and/or need to attend.

A wedding. In Texas.
A first birthday party
A graduation party
A writer's workshop
Uniform fitting/ordering day for the kids' school
A special performance by my kids' gymnastics class

I think there was more but I have stopped opening emails that mention May and 21.


I'm on the plane now (safely on the ground and happily using my phone's internet connection). I chose the wedding in Texas. My husband and kids are knocking out several other items on the list, and there were a couple that we just couldn't do. I am hoping to use some of my travel time to write. Note I am already in the middle of the travelling and have not written a word yet. Of fiction. Blogging is, for me, procrastination.

I am also suffering a bad case of the crazies, with deadlines at the day job looming on the horizon and prepping myself for the travel and driving myself crazy with what-ifs on the house front (Do we move now or next year? Do we build? Buy historic? A fixer-uppper? Pull the kids from their private school and head a completely different direction? Will our even house sell?)

I'm not sure I have the focus right now to write anything but my own angst, but now that I've powered the netbook on, I feel like I should try. Maybe. After I have to turn it back off again for takeoff...

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