The Paris Affair

The Paris Affair
By Kristi Lea
Available December 14, 2011 from Soul Mate Publishing

As the newly appointed CEO, Claire Sheffield is out to prove to the board of directors that she can transform her father’s stodgy, old-fashioned airplane company into a modern powerhouse. Getting romantically involved with one of her executives is a distraction she can’t afford. Then company playboy Helmut Forrester offers Claire the best of both worlds: a steaming hot affair and no complications.

Helmut has been waiting for the CEO job for years. When the retiring company president gives the position to his daughter instead, a complete newcomer to the company, Helmut makes a wager with one of his friends: bed the beautiful new boss. Soon he realizes that Claire’s long legs and luscious mouth aren’t nearly as attractive as her intelligence. Before he knows it, things are complicated. Very complicated.

When Helmut’s past office indiscretions nearly cost the company a lucrative contract and Claire has to fire him, she knows that her own conduct could blow up in her face. How can she keep from risking her career for him when she has already lost her heart?

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