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Review: Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lady Be Good (Wynette, Texas #1)Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As the daughter of an impoverished Earl, Emma was born with the title of Lady but not the wealth. Orphaned young by her globe-trotting anthropologist parents, she has made St. Gerts, the boarding school that she attended and now heads, into the center of her professional and personal life.

Texan Kenny Traveler is, according to the media, a lazy spoiled rich-kid turned professional golfer. When he gets suspended from the PGA tour, he agrees to escort Lady E, a friend of the commissioner’s wife, around Texas as she does research for an academic paper, in exchange for his re-instatement on the tour.

The future of Emma’s school is in jeopardy and the only way she can think of saving it is by sacrificing her own reputation to shake the advances of the lecherous Duke who is blackmailing her into marrying him. Creating a scandal with the sexy sports hero seems like the perfect opportunity. But if Kenny gives in to his cravings for the bossy Brit, will he lose his chance to play in the Masters, or ever again?

The plot set up is nuts, the characters are off-the-wall, but the conflicts at the heart of this contemporary romance sound all too realistic. Kenny has to not only face the demons of his spoiled youth but to prove to himself and everyone around him that he has truly changed. Emma is wonderfully unaware of herself as a woman and her hilarious attempts at “scandalous” behavior had me laughing out loud. Their romance is sweet and believeable and right up until the happily ever after, I was biting my nails, afraid that the characters pride and tempers would get in their way.

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