Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another week, another book

I had completely forgotten that I had a copy of Jennifer Weiner's Best Friends Forever sitting in my TBR pile at home when I saw a copy on the library sale table for $1.  Oops.

It has the lovely voice that I expect from Weiner, and the kind of chick lit (oops, I'm not supposed to use that term, right?) plot that kept me both entertained and flipping pages to find out what crazy mess would happen next.  It was fairly of reminiscent of In Her Shoes in the interactions between the two main characters--one quieter, less confident of her (newly acquired through dieting) looks, the other slim, beautiful, and utterly aware of it.

The book's high school flashbacks were, in places, uncomfortably close to my own history (the main characters graduated in the 92...I was not far after). The one thing that bugged me was that the timeline seemed off. I thought at first that the characters were attending a 10 year reunion, but later there are too many references to Facebook and Twitter, which were not around in 2002. Nor would Facebook and Twitter have been around or used in quite the same way in 2007 for a 15-year reunion, but I'm fairly certain they weren't allready at their 20 year and pushing 40 years old.

Timewarp aside, it was fun. I just hope that next time I pick up one of her books, I don't buy it twice...

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