Monday, July 28, 2008


A friend asked me yesterday how the writing is going. Sparsely. I am still mostly on-track to finish my revision/edit/initial writing/whatever of my book by Thursday. I really have just one scene left. I had just one left last night, too, when I sat down at my desk and pounded out a scene.

I have a tendency towards ADD-type behaviors (maybe more than a tendency, but I really don't care for an actual diagnosis, you know?) Two of my worst problems are starting a big task, and finishing one. So, starting the finish is kind of hard. On the up side, my kitchen floor has been nicely scrubbed within the last 24 hours.

Part of the problem was working out the choreography--who goes where and when to make the scene work. I'm getting there. I think I have an idea now, finally, thanks to a quick walk today before lunch. Sometimes I can write without any specific plot or idea and end up with a scene I'm really happy about. But I already have 2 endings and don't like either of them.

It's also depressing that every day I see or hear a news story about the mortgage market and foreclosure rate. And my heroine is up to her eyeballs in real estate. Yikes, talk about bad timing on my part. So even if my writing is brilliant, and I'm sufficiently motivated, I may not find anyone willing to even read it, let alone buy it, because it may not be marketable. Which reminds me of an editing idea I have to hone one of the scenes of the book....(I will not revise, I will not revise, I will not revise, yet!)

Ok, so this post is pretty depressing, both in quality and lack of original ideas (how many times have I posted about the same thing? I am not counting them...). Soon, maybe, I will find something better to talk about. Sometime after Thursday when I declare myself finished and start stressing over the next book (or, more likely, stressing over which idea will become the next book).

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Robin said...

Hey, it's not depressing - you're near the end and that's fantastic! As far as your heroine's occupation, there are always positives to be found even when it doesn't look like it, so don't worry. I bet your story is great! Now don't think about things too much (that seems to help me), and get to typing The End. Then celebrate! You deserve it! Congrats. :)