Saturday, July 19, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

Writing at the new desk is fun. I need a footstool. It's a lot higher than my folding tables were (and I'm short to start with).

Anwyay, I made some progress today, while the baby napped and my husband and daughter were out of the house. I don't know that my % is going to reflect it, because I also upped my "target" word count. I'm not really aiming for a specific number of words, it's just something that I can make a statistic out of. I'm getting closer to my new ending. I have about half of my current scene to go, and two to three more to follow. This is, for the record, my third ending to the story, and I think this one feels a lot less forced.

Anwyay, off to chill for a few minutes before the baby wakes back up :)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with those last few scenes!