Thursday, July 31, 2008


Meet Jake, the hero of my completed draft of Chivalous. Funny, he seems shorter in real life than he did in my book. Ah well.

I have passed by these metal statues (sculptures?) in Garden Ridge for years now, and have been on the brink of buying one countless times. He actually fits in nicely with our decor. Did I mention my husband collects dragons?

My husband wasn't home with the kids when I stopped through and dropped off Jake. I set him in our bedroom--eventually he will be put in charge of guarding our dining room, but his edges are a little sharp and the 1-year old is less likely to be playing in our room. I forgot to warn my husband about the new addition. My daughter spotted him and crept down the stairs to tell her daddy that there was a "dark knight" up in his room. I think he may be making an appearance at her (princess-themed) birthday party later this month.

Yes, I sort of snuck the "100%" in on Tuesday without much fanfare. I was too tired to post that night, and wasn't really sure that there wasn't another scene to add. I may at some point choose to add a final chapter where the various characters get together one more time, but for now, the story is done and I'm happy with my ending.

Tuesday was a strange day of completions. Besides finishing the book, I got a call from my son's pediatrician with results of an MRI that he had on Friday. His is a long story, one that can be found here (to start from the real beginning, you'd have to rewind back to about November 06 when I got my first ultrasound with him). Anyway, the results were good, and ruled out a possible issue with a tethered spinal cord--a test that was about 10 months overdue, in my opinion.

Tuesday I also found out at work that a job that I was up for was filled by someone else. The job might have been a nice change from the dungeon I work in now (it's a basement!). But, as I told my husband, I would have gone from a dungeon to a cell with windows. I'm not overly excited about work lately, if you hadn't noticed.

So, with those 3 big things out of the way, for better or worse, I'm on to new and bigger things. One step is to draft a query letter for Chivalrous and see if I can hook an agent or two to at least peek at the manuscript. I might enter it in a contest as well--our local chapter of RWA is hosting one soon. I won't do any more editing, at least for a really long time. I'm too close to it, I know.

I also need to decide on my next project. I have too many options that I've been jotting notes on lately and I am temporarily terrified to choose just one. They're all different--two are more womens-lit-y with romantic elements, one is a suspence with paranormal elements, one is just a romantic suspense, and then there's Clare and Helmut, who keep reminding me that they have more to their story as well, despite my stating that I didn't intend to write it...

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