Friday, July 18, 2008

The Big Woody

I spent so much time screwing today and I am sore. I finally wised up after a while and switched from manual to battery power. It took two men to get it up, but they left the job unfinished. I worked it myself for a while, but then had to call my husband to help finish the job. The only problem now is that I can't make everything fit in at once.

Namely, my collapsible cutting table. What did you think I was talking about?

My new desk looks bigger at home than it did in the giant warehouse store, and it is HEAVY. Beautiful, but heavy. And for companions, I have purchased it a pair of bookcases from Target. They match half a dozen other ones we have in the house, and also the new desk (which itself could masquarade as part of our dining room set). I had to assemble the bookshelves myself, and I think I gave myself a blister on my thumb before bringing up the cordless drill/screwdiver from the basement.

(My half of) the office looks lovely, and my sewing machine and serger fit nicely on the shelves. Overall I like my new set of office furniture. It fit my needs pretty well: the desk has a large flat surface that I could easily use for sewing, and it's not particleboard (well, parts of the bookshelves are, but the desk is not). My biggest problem with my transition from folding tables and piles of junk to pretty office is that I started with a folding cutting table from one of the fabric stores. The thing is huge--even folded, it's huge. And admittedly, kind of ugly(particle board again, and not even in a fake wood color that matches the rest of my stuff). Huge is good when I'm cutting out drapes or large pieces for a dress or costume. Not so good when you've run out of space in the room.

I guess my next task is to tackle the closet. I have piles of craft stuff in there that I can probably toss or donate. Then I might be able to fit my folding table in the closet when not in use. I'll have to maneuver it around my husband's boxes of defunct computer parts and game boxes, and past the old shelves full of out-dated programming manuals too. (It's an insanely large closet, and if it had power outlets, it could almost be an office by itself) Ahem, not that I'm complaining about his hobbies. Because if I did, then he would have room to complain about mine. I just wish he'd buy some prettier boxes for his odds and ends like I did....

I had intended to actually write a scene or two today, to break in the new desk. But as I bought it from a discount place, their "delivery" does not include "setup", and I could not turn the thing right side up after I attached the legs, or even get it fully out of the box. So I had to wait until after the kids went to bed to even arrange everything in the room. And now that I've had a full day of hard manual labor, I'm ready for bed.

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Robin said...

LOL at your first paragraph! Really, I wasn't thinking about anything but your desk. ;)