Monday, January 16, 2012

Mulligan? (Contest!)

One of the silly things I keep fighting lately is technology. Ironic, huh. I'm a software engineer! For real! They pay me like money and stuff! Except, not to administer websites.

So, I tried to be smart and set up a giveaway. I found a snippet of my book, set up a post on my website, scheduled the post....and....I forgot to allow users to actually comment on it.  Oops. Well, technically, any registered user could post a comment, but since I'm the only registered user and I don't think the login page was set to allow new registered users, that was kind of useless.

But! I think I'm all fixed. Er, my site is. For now :) Want to win an Amazon Gift card? Click over here and leave a comment. That's it. Your comment can be "enter me in the contest."

Teaser and a $10 Amazon giftcard giveaway

(Maybe I should just switch it to a nice static set of html pages and a link to Blogger. I'm more comfortable over here. But, you know, having my name in the domain is kind of cool, right?)

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