Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bits and Bytes

Today I'm blogging with my fellow Soul Mate authors over at our blog. Stop by and share your thoughts about what writing sounds like to you:

Also today, over on my website I'm encouraging all readers to come over to Goodreads. Its a great place to share what you're reading and see recommendations from others. Send me a friend request! I love getting a peek into everyone else's bookshelves. 

Or join the Goodreads 2012 writing challenge.  I'm attempting to read 25 books this year. Shameful admission: Last year I said I'd read 50. I didn't claim half that many, although I think I forgot to mark a bunch. But I also packed and purged during the great house move, so I cannot prove my claim. This year, I pledge to do better. (And I installed their android app on my phone--scanning book bar codes can keep me amused for a good long time...)

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