Thursday, December 8, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I have been a tad overwhelmed lately. New house. Old house still on the market. Big deadline at work. Overtime. Working weekends. Helping judge my RWA chapter's annual contest. Attempting to find time to write (and failing).

I've also got a lot of things going on blog-wise.  In addition to this blog, I started a food-focused one this year, and I have maintained one for almost 6 years related to all things motherhood. Plus I had a brilliant idea about a photo blog. And I have my author website. Oh yeah, and a bunch of authors from my publisher started a blog. And facebook (there are now two of me on author-me, one just me). And twitter. And google+.

And about a million emails a day from various RWA loops. And kid stuff.

And I'm getting kinda overwhelmed. :(

So now I get to decide which of my darlings to give up (which of my writing darlings...the living, breathing ones come before all else). *sigh* 

No, I haven't decided yet which things will fall by the wayside. Do I ditch this blog and send ya'll to my website? Maybe. Do I smash together motherhood and baking? Maybe. Do I just archive the whole mess, maybe pay some service to print me a copy for my keeper shelf and take them all down? Maybe.

Maybe I should quit my day job and be a professional blogger. Just kidding :) I'm thinking the tiny amount of advertising that I've earned this year (not yet enough for them to cut me a check...) is not exactly going to pay the mortgage.

In the mean time, I hope ya'll are patient. Or that you hunt me down elsewhere

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