Monday, January 24, 2011

More Books

So far in 2011, my book reading average is pretty pitiful. This is what, the second? In 3 weeks. Slacker.

Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle
Print, actually purchased later last year (so I'm still safe on reading only from the TBR pile and/or electronically resolution)
Paranormal/Futuristic Romance

If anyone has not figured it out (and this was news to me until about 2 years ago), Jayne Castle is Jayne Ann Krentz is Amanda Quick. Midnight Crystal is one of her Arcane series of books that have crossed all 3 pen names and all 3 time periods (Victorian England, Contemporary US, and futuristic Harmony).

This one was good. Not as good as some of her other newer releases, but enjoyable. I think the romantic tension was not as high as in some of her books, but this one had a great mystery plot that reminded me of some of her Victorians (the With This Ring series).

And of course, despite her RWA talks about how she keeps trying to kill her career, I love the fact that one of my favorite romance authors writes futuristics. (see, I'm not crazy, just trying to get the career-killing over first, then move on to the NYT lists later...or maybe I won't kill my career either...its certainly working out fine for Ms. Krentz/Castle/Quick)

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