Saturday, March 13, 2010

Writer's Vegas

I'm on the road this weekend. In Las Vegas :) Ok, so its not a writers weekend. More of a long "spring break" with 3 of my sisters (the 4th is still a teenager...she was, unfortunately, not inviteable). And this is intended to be a fun break, but I'm getting writing done. Woo hoo! It helps that the local timezone is two hours different than my own, and that I'm used to being at work by 7am. So I slept in this morning until the very decadent 8:30 St. Louis time (6:30 in vegas), and managed to call home, buy a cup of coffee, and write 600 words before my sisters woke up. That plus my writing time on the plane (about 2000 words), and I've almost made up for not writing all last week while dealing with last minute stuff (like renewing my drivers license), and packing.

Today's count: 37,952 words.
I didn't bring my laptop with my spreadsheet, but I think that leaves around an average of 575 words/day to finish the draft by my self-imposed goal. Perfect. And I have a 2-hour layover on the way home Monday morning. And plenty of people watching in the casino, restaurants, clubs, and airport to file away for future use....

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