Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Progress

Today's wordcount: 558. I don't know what my overall total on Claire and Helmut is, because I don't trust the wordcount of OpenOffice. Will post that later.

I'm probably behind overall. But I wrote 4300(?) words on my "something new" for crit group for last night. That new thing was fairly well received, and most of the comments from the table echoed concerns I had, which is good (I think). Now I must put it away and focus back on my goal of finishing C&H's story :)

And today I had a really hard time getting started. I think the last scene I wrote was a little premature, but I"m not sure where to fix it. I ended up giving up and moving forward, but I keep thinking that at my current rate, I'll run out of plot about 10,000 words too soon. Ah well, something to work on, I guess.

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