Friday, August 7, 2009

Word Counts can be deceiving

About two week ago, I updated the word count on my Sci Fi WIP. 78k and change. Using Open Office on my netbook. But then, I moved my files back to my laptop, updated a few chapters where I had critique notes, and ran another wordcount. 73k and change. Had I really lost 5,000 words? I removed a prologue that I'm going to save for a sequel, but it was not a 5,000 word prologue.

I don't believe that Word counts words the same way Open Office does.

In other words, never trust a wordcount. Open Office thinks I'm back to 78k and change, up about 3,000 words from my post-prologue edit.

I have been aiming for 90k for a long time, and now I'm wondering if I'll hit 85000. I'm in the wind down. More like the wind up for the big plot high point--the part where things explode all over the place. Yes its sci fi, but no, I'm not blowing up a planet. Just a ship or two, I think. I think much of emotional/relationship tension has peaked. Now I just have to get everyone off Earth and on their way elsewhere.

The end is in sight. And then the real editing begins.

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Robin Bielman said...

Happy writing and good luck!