Thursday, July 2, 2009

So, what are you wearing for Nationals?

For some reason, much of what I’m hearing about preparing for RWA Nationals centers around clothes. It’s the topic of discussion on blogs, and at our RWA critique group last night. And I am vastly amused by it.

I’ve never been a snazzy dresser. I do wear “business casual” every day for work—though for me that means about 50% jeans and 50% khakis. I realized recently I don’t own a single skirt that fits (The few summer ones I own are all too big! Hooray for me!). I don’t wear skirts to work regardless.

See, this is where the clothing thing is kind of mind-blowing. I’m an engineer. Also known as an enginerd :) And I work with guys. Not just guys, but engineer guys. They don’t care about clothes, their own or anyone else’s. There is absolutely nothing I would gain by showing up at work in a floaty skirt, cute blouse, and high-heeled sandals. Nothing. Except possibly the unwanted attention of some of my coworkers, and I really don’t care to cultivate admirers in that way. In fact, dressing too girly can be a real distraction for my job—it can make the folks who live and breathe software manuals not take me seriously. That would be bad. And who wants to crawl under a desk to check cables while wearing pantyhose?

At the same time, I’m not really the floaty skirt and high-heeled sandals kind of girl. I really, truly am a jeans or slacks person. Or sexy cocktail dress. I do love to dress up for a fancy party.

I have bought some new clothes to take to RWA. But they are things that I needed to fill gaps in my summer wardrobe anyway. I spent early 2004 through mid 2008 pregnant, breastfeeding, and/or losing baby weight. Therefore, I don’t have a lot of fresh clothes outside of my basic work stuff. Last summer, for some reason, every non t-shirt top in the stores looked like a maternity shirt and I am soooo over maternity clothing! I bought a couple of tops and capris this spring and set them aside for the convention, mostly so that I they wouldn’t be ruined. I tend to wear a lot of oatmeal, chocolate milk, and other assorted food. And spaghetti sauce. The Red Badge of Motherhood.

I’m not up for any awards, I’m not published, or otherwise known, so I don’t expect to have a ton of attention directed at me and my wardrobe all week. I own a couple of sets of nice slacks and tops/sweater sets that I typically wear at work when we have customers—my equivalent of a dress shirt and tie. One or two of those will come with me for pitching. Otherwise, I’m packing things that I would wear to work or church—slacks, capris, maybe a sundress, flat shoes and sandals. I have heels to go with my fancy dresses, of course, but you won’t see me sporting them all week.

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