Thursday, July 2, 2009

Its a time suck, but a cute one

I got a new toy. A netbook. 10.1" Asus eee PC. Its so cute :)

So far, its also a time suck. As in, so far I've spent my entire hour of writing time configuring my computer. And buying my own domain. (Details to follow sometime...I will probably re-host my blog on the new domain at that time).

It also doesn't help that my husband joined me at Starbucks. He needed some time to vent, and had a couple of suggestions for the new little addition. I could probably be annoyed with him for interrupting "me" time, but I don't think I would have been that productive today anyway. I also got a late start--I spent almost an hour longer at work than I intended. Ah well, it helps pay for my new toy :)

On my to-do list still for this new little guy:
--look up how to re-map keyboard keys. I want to swap the Up arrow with the Shift key. I think its a registry setting.
--Look into downloading OpenOffice. I'm not up for buying MS Office or even just Word. I can limp by with Wordpad for a while, but its kind of sucky. It loses most of my Word formatting, including the paragraph indents. That makes it hard to read what I've already written.
--Buy a sleeve or case for it. They didn't have any the right size at Target last weekend when I bought this thing. For today, I used a zippered binder. It almost works, except that the inside pocket that holds the netbook so nicely isn't quite large enough for the power cord too. And the binder doesn't fit in the already-huge tote bag I'm using as a purse. I'm not up-sizing the tote bag, so I must fit the netbook into a smaller protective case
--Set it up on the wireless at home. There's that whole password/key/whatever thing that I never know where to find because our wireless is secured. I'm usually happy to let hubby be the household sys admin, but that means that I don't know where to find critical information without his help.

Ah well. Writing time is gone. Time to exercise. And then on to a long holiday weekend (in which I'll likely get little writing done around family activities)

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