Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The final list

To Do before I leave Wednesday for the RWA National Convention:

  • Get cash. I thought I had this one covered last night, but Target limits the amount you can withrdraw in a debit transaction. Not that I need hundreds of greenbacks, just enough to make me comfortable for a week of cabs, metro rides, and restaurants

  • Streamline my wallet. Must remove all unnecessary cards. Don't think I'll be shopping Build A Bear, Hallmark, Sams Club, the paint-your-own-pottery place, etc while at nationals. I might keep my zoo card, though. That thing gets me discounts at other zoos, including the national zoo in DC. In case I get a few free minutes to sight-see :)

  • Arrange for a cab to the airport. I did the math, and parking my car in the cheapest long-term lot at the airport will cost me about the same as taking cab both ways (I live fairly close). I like not having to keep track of keys while in another city. I could get someone to drop me off and pick me up, but my flight out leaves at 6:40 in the morning. I don't want my husband dragging the kids out of bed at 4:30, and I won't impose on friends at that time of day either. I arrive back home at a very civilized 11:30AM, though, so I may be calling for free transportation.

  • Pack my carry-on. Which is really my totebag (originally purchased as a diaper bag, btw, a very sophisticated-looking diaper bag). It ought to hold my netbook, iPod, cell phone, travel papers, wallet, and quart-sized ziplock baggie of tiny cream, liquid, and paste products. Some of those items, like the case for my contact lenses, can't be packed until bedtime tonight. I'm NOT wearing contacts at 4:45AM, but I am taking them with me.

  • Spruce up my website. No, I haven't published the url here yet. That's because the main page says "under construction" and my test ones have text like "Enter sidebar content here". I think the design and graphics part is OK for now, I just need to type some text. And add a link to the real content (this blog)! And upload the page to my server so that ya'll can see it. Gotta do that before I start handing out the business cards I printed with my website name on them...

  • Paint my toenails. I'm packing lots of sandals, and my toes aren't in that bad shape. So they're getting painted the palest pink that almost looks flesh toned. Just enough to be "done" without screaming "look at my hairy prehensile feet!"

  • Sleep. Yeah right. I never sleep well the night before an early flight. I get too anxious about missing it, and end up waking up every hour to check my alarm clock. I will probably snooze on the plane.

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