Monday, March 23, 2009

Why aren't you writing?

Who, me? Why aren't I writing? Um....

I did about a week and a half ago. Write. Fiction even.

Actually, I've had maybe 2-3 hours a week lately to work on writing activities. Two weeks ago I added scenes to what I'm calling Appearance of Impropriety, also known as Claire and Helmut's story, that I posted to this blog sometime last summer. The week before (actually, probably 2 weeks before that), I spent worrying over my sci fi, and finally entered the first chunk + a synopsis into a contest. Its kind of hard to write a synopsis for a book that's not complete. I made something up. I'm pretty sure the story is heading that way...

I've also joined a new crit group with some friends from RWA. Our chapter has a regular crit group, but it's so large (like 20+ people), and you only get to read your stuff about 2x a year. There are 8 of us in thsi small group, and we'll meet on weeks that the other group doesn't, and (assuming I'm writing), I can read a small piece every week. I'm psyched. They got to meet Claire and Helmut last week. After that contest entry, I didn't have the heart to keep up with Myrrah and Dominic and their whole psychic alien semi-truck chase. It will come back around, though.

Hopefully, some other stuff in my life is settling back down for a bit. I'm taking some web design classes, and I'm past 6 solid weeks of 2 night a week classes. The rest of them should be spread out a lot thinner, which is good for both my children and my writing.

So, what about you? Why aren't you writing?


Amethyst Willow said...

Awww, I hope you didn't think I was telling you off? I just wanted to show you that people out in the blogosphere care about what you're up to ^_^ I haven't been writing blog-wise because I'm forgetful, distracted and lazy. I haven't been writing my main WIP for the same reasons but also because I'm kind of in a dry spot methinks. So I decided to exercise my writing muscles by entering some sub-ops, one deadline coming up next week so I need to finish, proof-read, re-write and submit by then. It's kinda hectic!

The idea of a small crit group sounds really nice and like something that could be really useful. I'm totally jealous!

Web design classes sound like fun :) Anyways, I'm glad things are good :)

Kristi said...

I took no offence. But it had been a long time (like almost a month) since I'd posted anything, and I needed a quick brain break from work, so I said hi :) And, I've been busy lately, and have been neglecting my writing more than normal (don't ask about exercise either, please).

Its really driving me nuts that my time is going everywhere else except writing. And, sometimes it just helps me to write down what I really have done. Then I realize that things aren't quite as dire as I feel like they are. Then I can promise to myself and anyone else who's listening that I'll improve.

Besides, all of these people in my head are going to drive me crazy if I don't start writing their stories again!

And, please don't take the "Why aren't you writing" title as a "back at-ya" kind of thing. Its actually the name of our crit group's own email loop...

Amethyst Willow said...

Ooooh, that's a pretty darn good name lol. I figured I'd answer the question anyway hehe.

I think I have it lucky, my 'muse' is clearly as lazy as me, after I jot down a couple of notes for another potential story it gives up and can only focus on one! It doesn't sound fun having lots of people making noise in your head :(

We need to create a kind of clone that has the same kind skill at a certain art and is capable of creating the art but that you can manage. So you can say "Clone A: go write paranormal story" "Clone B: jot down all my other story plans, pick your favourite and get to work" "Clone C: proof read!!!!"

That'd be nice :)