Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remember Me?

This is the first Thursday in quite a while that I've had some time to sit and write. And when I went to update my wordcount, I realized I have gone backwards. I think I did some editing a couple of weeks ago, and removed a few unnecessary scenes. So I'm still hovering just a little above the the 50k mark on my sci fi/romance. Ah well. It's moving, even if slowly.

Also on the writing front, I'm talking with a few friends from RWA about starting a mini crit circle. We could meet more often, and read each others work every time, instead of every 4-5 months like in our big RWA crit group. The big group is still exceedingly beneficial, but we all feel like we could use more of a nudge to get writing more often. Now I must work out scheduling within my family.

Speaking of family, life is beginning to normalize. The most intrusive part of our forced kitchen remodel (not a full gut job...just a new french door and new floor) is done with. We have trimwork to do--baseboards and door casings--but those don't require us to give up use of the entire kitchen, breakfast room, and family room.

The requests for overtime at work should end by Sunday night. Not that I am likely to work this weekend--I'm not quite full-time normally, and I'm already putting in "overtime" to bump up to 40 hours. Quite enough (actually, more than enough) for me. Unless I want to take a little extra time off next week. Hmmm...must think about that.

We have officially heard from one of the potential kindergardens for my daughter--she's been accepted! Hooray! One less stressor for me. Well, except that she was accepted by the school we really liked--and that co$ts just as much as full-time daycare if not more--which doesn't mean we can consider downsizing our income any time soon.

But, it's a point we can plan from. I like being able to plan. Funny that, seeing as how I'm a pantser when I write. Maybe I have to feel freer when I write to counterbalance my need to plan the rest of my life.


Pam said...

Kristi--glad to hear things are going better! (Sorry I missed your 2/17 post--I can only pull up your blog at home and by the time I get home at night, I edit or crash (or watch tv!)) Here's to hoping March is going to be even better.

And I'll be in DC too--we'll have to look for each other! Do you plan on pitching?

Robin said...

I'm a planner too, except with writing - I much prefer pantsing as well!

Your new crit group sounds great. Good luck with it! And even a little writing/revising is better than none. As I've said before, I admire how you do it all - family, work, writing. Yay on your daughter's kindergarten acceptance! How's the little guy doing?

Kristi said...

I definitely plan on pitching...which is part of the reason I'm excited about the crit group. I need something good to pitch!

Robin--my little guy's doing great. Nothing new on the health front for now (hooray). He turns 2 this month, and is turning into a big boy with so many thoughts and opinions of his own :) Gotta love toddlers!

Robin said...

I'm glad he's doing well, Kristi! Happy Birthday! I found two to be a really fun age - the terrific two's I called them.

Amethyst Willow said...

Hey hey, so my friend Marilyn commented on my blog the other day 'cos I hadn't blogged in forever, just to ask how I was. I thought it was a really sweet thing to do and as you haven't posted in a while I thought I'd say hi, hope everything's going well for you, hope to hear from you soon ^_^ xx