Friday, January 2, 2009


I've been a little absent lately. And a little busy :) Kiddos, opening presents 5 times, explaining to the 4 year old that Santa won't come back until next year (and then explaining it again the next day)...

I don't remember if I wrote down resolutions last year or not. I'll check later. I have a few for this year, but nothing outlandish. Measurable, achievable goals. Just like we have to make for work every year :P

1. Finish my current WIP and revise it about once. It's about half written, word-count wise. I had thought to finish it by the end of January, but it ain't happening. And when I say I'm going to revise it "about once" I mean ~1 time through every section of hte book. There is no good way to measure a revision--I might re-write half the book, or just correct a few misspellings. Who knows.

2. Name the book. I have no clue as of yet, beyond "unnamed paranormal". Or "unnamed sci fi/romance".

2. Keep up with my local RWA chapter and the monthly critique group meetings. This is an easy one because they're fun. I am enjoying meeting the other members. And I get to go out to eat twice a month with a group of women with similar interests (and no diaper bag). Talk about an achievable goal :)

Um, that's it.


Ok, there are a few other things that I'd *like* to do, but no beating myself up about them.

1. Enter a contest or two with the new work. Not simultaneously, either, or I woulnd't get a chance to rebound from the first thrashing before signing up for the second :) I'd love to set a goal of winning, but that's dependent on everyone else's entries.

2. Query the book. I got one request for a partial with Chivalrous, which I count as a success. Success as in: first query letter ever + first novel ever = one person mildy interested for 5 minutes. I'd love to improve upon that this time around. We'll see.

3. Go to the RWA national convention. This isn't so much a goal as a wish. I shall have to wait until the convention sign-up is published in late January to even know what the cost of a room will be. I've talked with a friend about potentially sharing a room, but I also have to consider vacation time and cost of the flight. My friend's wanting to drive, but I'd have to take off even more vacation for that.

4. Begin another book. Maybe a sequel or prequel to the current WIP. Maybe one of the other dozen ideas I have sketched out. No promises about finishing. Just beginning.

5. Find a dedicated time to write every week. I'm thinking 2 2+ hour sessions a week. Its not much. But I have jobs and 2 kids under 5. And I need to exercise too :)

Happy New Year everyone!

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Amethyst Willow said...

Excellent resolutions! Nice and acheivable ones are the way forward, good luck keeping them :)