Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Use the Force, Luke...

I am taking the day off. Playing hookey, sort of. I had a densist appointment this morning, and an eye doctor appointment this afternoon. And in between there's not quite enough time to get hours in. Strange flex time system at work--I can't claim vacation or sick time on the same day that I claim normal work hours. Its one or the other. I can rearrange my hours so that I work, say, 5 hours on one day, and make up the other 3 across the rest of the week. But, today, I just called in sick.

So, after my dentist appointment, I went to the Y to work out. I brought my Ipod, but ended up on an elliptical machine with a built-in TV. I think I spent the first 10 minutes of my workout channel surfing (they ought to post a channel listing on those things...all I could find was commercials). Finally, a snippet of Star Wars caught my eye. The History Channel has a show called Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed. It was good. Very good.

They analzyed various aspects of the movie series, from the types of characters, the plot structure, the conflicts, the symbolism. There were many references to Greek tragedies, and Shakespeare. I do love literary analysis. And Star Wars.

How much of a geek am I that I worked out to the History Channel? It would probably be worse if I admitted that I was hoping for HGTV originally, huh.

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