Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Beginnings

It didn't take me long to move on after leaving Jake. I have already begun a new WIP, titled (at least for now) Accomplice. This one's a romantic suspense. I am not yet married to it, so if I get into the story a little and really struggle or want to explore characters or scenes for any of the other half-dozen stories still fogging my brain, I will. I should make a new word-count widget, but all I've written so far is an outline (outlining mostly backstory, which is important to the story), my heroine's name (Jessica), and one single-spaced page in Word (that I haven't run a count on).

I don't have a time goal for this one. My first draft of Chivalrous (my alpha release, in software terms) was from NaNo. The second draft (my beta/release candidate 1) took about 4 months of helter-skelter writing to complete (which included about 40k new words). Deadlines make me work harder usually. Give me a couple of weeks to see how I'm doing and I'll let you know. I do think that I want to do NaNo again this year, but it will have to be with yet another book. So, maybe my tentative goal for Accomplice will be to have the Alpha version done by Oct 31.

Now I need a name for my hero. Any suggestions? (I know, I have failed to provide any requirements or even a hint of story line...maybe later....)


Amanda said...

Extremely Handsome Dude

Kristi said...

hmmmmm...Brandon's a NO (I work with one). Chase is the name of a toddler at Trystan's school. Jacque could be fun, but probably not for this guy (he's too all-american for a Frenchy name), same with Alberto.

Jared has definite, really hot guy from my high school possiblities. Really hot guy who barely knew me and who is exceedingly unlikely to ever suspect that I would name a romance novel character after him. If he even remembers that we worked on a joint project for Spanish one year. Or that I existed. Hmmmm...

It's another J-name, following Jake in my previous book, but I'm ok with that. Jake was actually named after a boy I had a crush on in elementary school--again, someone exceedingly unlikely to remember me, let alone suspect that his 11-year-old-self was the inspiration for a name in a romance novel :)

Kristi said...

Just to follow up on my own comment (and thus, perpetuate a conversation that is mostly with myself), my heroine is currently named Jessica. Maybe I shouldn't do Jessica and Jared, right after using Jake. Drat. Or, I could change Jessica. She needs an alias in the book as well, and I was having trouble coming up with something similar enough to Jessica to make it easy for her to remember.

Which is worse, having blog conversations with yourself, or fretting that your fictional characters might not remember their own names?