Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Progress and Whine

It's been a slow week. Memorial Day weekend was busy busy busy. We did a small home-improvement project (installing some trimwork) that spilled over into last week, and is still not complete. Accordingly, the house is a mess as everything is shifted around and piled up in funny places. Last weekend we had an out-of-town wedding that was in my hometown (Indy), but ironically, involved friends and church members from my adopted hometown (St. Louis). I should have done some writing on the drive (it's not like the scenery along I70 through Illinois is particularly riveting). But I am beginning to fight carsickness in my old age. I couldn't even read well for the parts of the trip that I wasn't driving. I wonder if I am due for an eye exam.

I did have some time last Thursday in my spare hour between work and my sole exercise class of the week to sit in the local library and write. It was more editing than writing, but it was progress. Then I did more assembly/editing last night, and my current wordcount is up to 48xxx. There is more work to be done on these sections, and two of the scenes that I incorporated last night need a bit more action, dialog, and/or internal processing. I'm also thinking about re-arranging a few that are coming up. One conversation between my heroine and one of her friends where the subject of the hero's fiancee's possible indescretions needs to happen sooner than I originally wrote it. The heroine definitely needs to be aware of the situation before the hero is.... How's that for a vague teaser? And I have a nice scene of the hero conversing with his intended father-in-law that may end up in the "deleted scenes" folder--I like it, but I'm not sure it's really necessary.

This morning so far has been hard. I'm at work, blogging as I wait on other processes to complete. I took a brief walk earlier in the humid sunshine and darnit, I want to be up there. 15 minutes of allowing my mind to ponder the possibilities and start composing dialoge is not enough. And then I had to walk back into the building, and down the stairs to the cool, artifically lit basement with gray cube walls and uninspiring work. I could write for my WIP instead of blog, but I don't have any of it with me (and transporting it here would be complex for reasons I don't care to expound upon) and I am trying trying trying to avoid actually penning any potentially salable words while I'm on the clock for my employer. Conflict of interest and all that, you know?

I need a winning lottery ticket...one that will pay the bills so I can spend time daydreaming in the sun and writing without feeling like I am stealing time from my job, my house, my children, and my husband.

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