Friday, May 23, 2008

Progress Report

My reassembly/edit of my WIP has produced about 42000 words so far. There are a handful of new scenes. I would say I'm 50-60% of the way through the story. Hero and Heroine are falling in love, with some serious denial and a couple of complications (an engagement, a little legal entanglement, some backstory/history to overcome). My heroine has actually begun to admit, at least to herself, that she has some serious feelings for this guy. He actually has a lot more issues to overcome, so he's not there yet. I think I have "chapters" numbered up to 15 now, in sequential order. Some are around 1k words, some quite a bit larger. I have another 3-5 scenes that need basic editing that I could add in, but I'm missing a piece first.

I have found that my NaNo write covered about 80% of the heroine's POV, and about 20% of the hero's. Most of my new scenes have been through his eyes. That's kind of strange as I look at the story now, since I feel that the biggest conflict and growth is actually the hero's, not the heroine's. Then again, the heroine's POV carries much of the major action, which is probably why it was easier to write her first. Maybe it's a bit cliche that he will have to prove himself "worthy" while she merely has to stick to her guns about what she wants in life. We'll see.

I am off this afternoon, and I have to admit that I almost didn't bother to sit and do any writing/editing. There's a new Indiana Jones movie out, and of course the Narnia one (and, let's face it, I haven't seen a single movie that's in the theaters right now, so they're all new to me). I seriously considered taking myself to the theater for the afternoon as a reward for cleaning house and running errands this morning. I probably should have--days off when the kids are at daycare are very very far between for me--usually they're home with me or one of them is sick. Where, oh where, have my priorities led me?

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Robin said...

I find it hard every day to juggle family and writing and laundry and cleaning and errands and everything else in between. It sounds like you're making progress though, so you should treat yourself to a movie! I've seen both Narnia and Indy, but if you want to see a really great movie, I recommend Ironman. It was terrific!

Take care!