Friday, May 2, 2008

Live from Starbucks on a Friday night

Words: 32125

The Ipod's in my bag, but not on. Oddly, I'm finding the background noise of people talking to be almost as good as music. I must be getting used to music deprivation at work (strange rules about radios, IPods's, etc make it difficult to listen to anything other than my coworkers discussions).

It's really chilly. I think I'm sitting under a vent. Note to self: bring a jacket. It is still spring, after all, and it's 10pm. It is supposed to be chilly. This place is a lot louder than I would have expected.

I've had a good 1.5 hours of fairly uninterrupted time tonight, plus another 1.5-2 yesterday between work and my exercise class. Somehow, that was all used for the same set of scenes. Total of 3000ish words, mostly brand-new, but as a rewrite of a scene from before. I ought to keep going, but I need a couple of completely brand-new ones, that in my initial NaNo draft were reduced to about a paragraph. And I'm brain dead. I do better writing a scene if I've had time for my sub-conscious to work on it before I hit the keyboard. So, maybe tomorrow or Sunday.

Let's see, my hero and heroine are starting to realize that they're compatible, and finding each other interesting. Attractive and interesting. Too bad for the that their complications are still very much in the picture. Next up: giving those complications a little screen time.

And now, for a little photo inspiration for my hero. Imagine this guy, except blonde, with light blue eyes. And a tad older. Wearing a tie. Ok,he's just cute. I am in the middle of watching the Covenant on the DVR, and he's is just really really cute. And he'd look great as a blonde :)


Robin said...

I hope you got some writing done over the weekend! I don't venture out often enough to coffee shops to write, but I think I need to. And somewhere where there is no internet access. :)
I'm picturing your hero and I like him!

Happy Writing!

Kristi said...

I made good progress Friday night. Was actually with a friend, both of us escaping the distraction of house and kids for the evening. I successfully ignored the internet connection until about 15 minutes before we left, and I was at a good stopping place. Didn't write a single word the rest of the weekend.

I have a little plotting to do--need a couple of new scenes, and I've been mulling over how they're going to work. That's starting to take shape in my head, so tonight or tomorrow when I am on the computer again (not at work), I may actuall do a little non-blog typing :)