Friday, April 25, 2008

Writing Progress

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Word Count: 27621

I am in the process of editing and re-assembly of my WIP. I started about two or three weeks ago with my intro, and have been attempting to make a pass through all of my sections, and put everything together in order. I now have a new folder, with individual chapter files labeled up to 10. A couple of scenes are completely new. Mostly, it's just an editing pass--cleaning up words, adding, cutting, piecing, wondering at some of what I wrote (some good wondering, some bad). I'm probably 1/3 through the story at this point, which would make for about a 75-80k total. I can't currently get an accurate word count on my previous version as all of the files were rather mixed up, and I had extra (deleted) scenes in the same folder. I know I will have a bit more brand-new writing to add in as I go.

I wrote an additional scene from scratch today, about 1000 words, that is really a bit of backstory disguised as a bedtime story told to the daughter of a secondary character. I think I want to incorporate it, as I kind of like how it turned out. But, it doesn't have a spot yet, and will need another scene or two to connect it to the rest of the story. I think it will have to wait in my holding area for now.

Also, I am considering entering a contest. I'm not sure of the wisdom of that, as you have to pay an entry fee (I think its $25). The deadline is next week, but they want submissions electronically, so I have a few days to let the idea simmer. I keep returning to the idea, so probably I'll just go ahead and do it. It costs money, but I ought to get at least a few comments back (call it an expensive critique), and I'd be entering some part of my intro, which has had several pairs of eyes look over it in the last several months. That piece is not getting another re-write for a very long time, or I'll end up butchering it by secondguessing myself.

It's still kind of early, and I'm done for the night. Time left for a little reading!


Caryn said...

Wow! Sounds like you got some serious work done. Congratulations.

As for entering a contest, paying to enter is pretty standard in many contests because they can be expensive to run. Contests can be good for critiques, to give you something to add as a writing credit in a query letter and, depending on who's judging, a chance to get part or all of your MS in front of an agent or editor.

That said, I've only ever entered one contest, so take what I've said with a grain of salt. ;-)

Robin said...

Yay on the word count! You're making great progress.

I just decided last minute to enter a contest myself. I entered for the feedback and the chance to get my MS in front of an editor I've heard good things about. Good luck if you decide to enter! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Ilana said...

I entered one last month and am still waiting to hear. I was mostly just looking for feedback on the opening chapter...