Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday afternoon

I'm catching up. Not quite there yet, but definitely on my way. My novel is shaping up. There are some large holes, but I have a general idea what is missing. The two biggest pieces that I haven't tackled are the conclusion of the thing, where my main characters finally get together for real, and the scene right at the climax (no pun intended--seriously, it's totally PG so far) of the action. There are several other places where I could probably use a little more connection between scenes, and there's one secondary character who ought to be a bit more important, but so far she is only really present in one scene.

I'm at not quite 40,000 words around 3:30PM. Everyone else in my house is down for a nap, so I've had about an hour of uninterrupted time. If I can get another hour in after the kids go to bed tonight, I might even be back on track to finish 50000 words by the 30th. Trystan goes into the hospital on Thursday, the 29th, to prep for surgery on the 30th. I'm not intending to sound insensitive by any means, but I believe I'll have a lot of time for writing those two days--at least on the 30th because he'll be pretty out of things post-op (he basically slept for a solid day after his last two surgeries). The 29th may be dicey depending on how fussy he is--he is on a "clear liquid diet" as of Wednesday, which does mean breastmilk. I don't know how much he will be allowed to nurse on Thursday, though. If he can't eat, he'll be very upset with me, and even if he can, he'll be upset to have to skip his cereal and baby mush. Fun, fun. If I do this again, I'm going to have to work in more plot or subplot about babies and hospital stays...I have such ripe research material with plenty of emotion to draw from. Crazy as it sounds, I actually have a story forming in my head including that....we'll see if I get past this one first!

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