Monday, April 27, 2015

The Plan

My current plan is this:  every day, I either write or I exercise.  I figure this way, either I have books or I have buns of steel.  Both seem to be healthy activities for me.

I've been on this plan for most of this year, though I hesitated to call it a New Years resolution. Not even a birthday resolution (I frequently save my new-years list for March and force myself to confront those ideas along with the hard evidence of a passing year).

I have not had a great year so far.  On the surface, it all looks pretty good. I've been working a lot at the day job, which for once I love. That makes it harder to find the time and energy to write.  Writing has always been a sort of emotional outlet for me, and it's been rough not being able to channel that into words lately. 

I am writing. Slowly. I am making forward progress on The Vegas Affair--a follow up to The Paris Affair that follows Helmut's impulsive little sister Kelsie (who's not exactly a kid) as she confronts her familly's ongoing issues and gets herself in hot water. Or maybe not water? Vegas is a desert. Anyway, I'm happy with the story that I'm writing, but I just need to keep my energy up to write it.

That, and I"m going to the RWA conference in July. I am looking forward to seeing New York City for the first time, to spending the week hanging with my critique partners, and to the crazy motivation that the conference always is.

But for tonight, I wrote. And now, to sleep.

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