Monday, April 4, 2011


Jean M Auel signing at the St. Louis County Public Library
I haven't written a word in 3 weeks. One might think that having 6 work days off in a row would equal mega word counts or at least some serious slash-and-burn editing. One might not be counting on the dual time-sucks that are parenting and home ownership.

In the mean time, I haven't been altogether useless in my writing-related endeavors. I have added to the slush piles of an undisclosed number of agents and/or editors. I have pondered whether, when, and how delicately to nudge other long-standing slush-pile owners about the fate of my mulch fodder. I have done a bit of critiquing for friends. I have finished a couple of books, and started a couple more.

Also, I attended a book signing tonight by Jean M Auel (in the photo) and hauled along my spiffy new hardcover of The Land of Painted Caves and two crummy paperbacks (Clan of the Cave Bear and Valley of the Horses). She is fascinating to listen to and very pleasant, even to tongue-tied fangirls at the end of the line with three mis-matched books. Hey, she's a writer, and she talked about writing. That counts as writing, right?

On the reading front, I have finished:
Impulsive by Helen Kay Dimon. I've seen her name sprinkled through the blogosphere for the past few years, and finally, impulsively, picked up a copy of this contemporary romance from Brava at my local library. It was a fast read (a good thing given my recent history with late fines) and I would definitely read more from her.

Holiday Bound by Beth Kerry. I picked this up as a free read on Amazon and read it entirely on the Kindle app on my Evo. It was...not exactly my style. It was well written, but I think I would have enjoyed it more as a normal contemporary romance without the bondage. But I need to read more shorter pieces to get a feel for the pacing and level of conflict, since I feel like I don't quite "get" how novellas are structured yet.

A book on Wordpress from a Borders that is going out of business, purchased at a hefty discount along with: a book on Flash, a couple of magazines that I typically wouldn't shell out for, and some new CD's of music to write by-- Enigma greatest hits and the sound track to Lord of the Rings. The Wordpress book was eh. Would have been more helpful a year ago, but at least it's a reference that I can flip through fast (yes, all the info is probably online but I skim paper much faster than search engine results...)

And I'm about halfway through the latest Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson. Given how thick the book is, halfway almost counts as a book completion, doesn't it? Not that its difficult reading. The book flows wonderfully and is tying up plot threads left and right in ways that are making me very happy and keeping me reading for more. The end is in sight, though it's not here yet.

Plus, I'm reading a Sci Fi Romance novella for a RWA chapter mate for review (and loving it...will probably post the review here as well as in our newsletter, etc), and have Jean M Auel's latest book recently arrived and sitting at the top of my TBR pile.

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