Thursday, July 29, 2010

Contest News!

My category-length contemporary (formerly titled The Appearance of title TBA at some point) placed 2nd overall in the Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight contest! I was thrilled to just final and fully expecting honorable mention.

Very cool.

The Passionate Ink cocktail party was also fun. Two very interesting speakers. And I managed to get a table with a couple of editors that I have (or am planning to) submitted to. Almost accidentally. Almost. Of course, I was too chicken to really say much. But maybe, just maybe, they'll vaguely recall the silent blonde who placed in a contest and sat at their table with a dopey grin on her face all night.

Or maybe not :) But I am proud of myself for at least going that far. Heck I'm proud of myself for going to a party where I knew no one :)

Ok, I'm off to meander through the hotel bar, or possibly over to the Boardwalk in search of someone to talk to (or souvenirs to buy). If nothing else, I ought to catch the fireworks from the Disney Parks tonight.

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Robin Bielman said...

Congratulations! I'm sorry we didn't run into each other, we sound very similar, and big kudos for going to the party by yourself.

I'd love to hear how everything else went, and hope your submissions to the agent and editor mean you'll be announcing big news here!