Thursday, April 8, 2010


I did it!

It wasn't NaNo, so I don't get a cool little icon, though.

But I put the words "The End" at the end (duh) of my first draft of The Appearance of Impropriety, my 50,000 contemporary.

FYI, this was NOT a church-approved Lenten activity (somehow I think they would frown on much of the content, especially the lack of a wedding at the end...). And it took me a few days past Easter to actually finish the last scene. But I wrote approximately 25,000 words between Ash Wednesday (February 17th) and yesterday, April 7.

That worked out to around 500 words a day, which was more like 3500 words per week. I managed to write about 3-4 days most weeks, and a typical session for me is 1000-1500 words long (though I had a few days of squeaking out 500 and a few of 3000 or more).

I also managed to draft about 15 pages of something brand new in the middle, take a trip to Vegas with my sisters, and a trip to Indy for Easter to visit my Mom (which is why it took me 2 extra days to finish...I didn't write at all Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).

I know it was just a first draft, and I wrote it with blinders on (no editing!), so there's lots of re-writing to do. (you know, making sure i have complete sentences and that my characters don't change names in the middle and that I didn't drop a whole plot thread or anything).

But for the next couple of weeks, I'm taking a break from the two of them. I have edits to do on Leap, my sci fi work. And I have my "something new" and Accomplice (a suspense which has been suspended since October of 2008) and research for a steampunk that has been brewing for a couple of years and...