Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Behind the curve

I've been a little busy lately, and am falling off my pace on finishing the draft of Claire and Helmut's story. But today, I hit a big milestone: 40,000 words. Oficially 80% complete. I'm a little worried at the moment that my story will come out on the short side of 50,000 words, but its so darned hard to tell. After feedback from my critique group last night on a much earlier chapter, I realize that there are some scenes that I could actually expand upon a bit. Well, that, and I don't know how exactly the HEA goes from this point. I'm at a really black point of the novel and somehow I have to pick up the pieces and get Claire and Helmut back in the same room again. I had an idea earlier on for how it would work, but now I'm not sure. But hey, that's why I don't write from an outline. Because outlines never quite work out the way I think they will :)

It will be a tight squeeze, but if I buckle down I think I can get the draft done by Easter. I might be writing in the car on my way to my Mom's though...

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