Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking back, looking forward

November was a slow month, writing wise. Well, word count wise. I did write new words, mainly on Leap. But I also did a lot of editing, and hand-wringing. I entered the Golden Heart with Leap, and owe my crit partners about a pound of chocolate for the help in polishing. One in particular (Amanda Berry, soon to be world-famous Silhouette Special Edition author) proof-read my entire entry, catching way more comma mistakes than I ever believe I'm making. Commas are the bane of my existence.

Preparing for, and angst-ing about my GH entry ate up about 3 weeks of my creativity. And then we went on a week-long vacation and I wrote NOTHING. Well, one lonely blog post on my other blog. I did lots of reading though (its research!) and even found enough of a wireless connection to read blogs and tweets a few of the days.

Now, I need to re-gain my momentum. Get back on schedule. Because its December, and there are fewer distractions. Right?

Ok, stop laughing.

So, yesterday I submitted my completed contemporary manuscript to an e-pub. I'm not holding my breath, but at this point, it really can't hurt me to try. If they say no, there are a few other e-pubs I have kicked around (though I'm limited because it was a sweet contemporary, not erotic...) And I keep trying (and failing) to draft a query letter for Leap (though I need to edit pages 51+ in case someone should actually request it...). I have Claire and Helmut waiting (though I suspect they've been keeping busy, seeing as how I left them alone in a hotel room...). And Jessica, from my suspended romantic suspense story, has boarded a grayound bus, and is taking a really really long ride.

And last night I penned about 400 words of another idea that's been brewing for the last two years. Something different. Historical. I haven't tried a historical yet. (Please refrain from rolling your eyes at the sheer number of sub-genres I've tried out so far). I've been dithering for a while whether to write it as a straight historical or a paranormal (magic, not aliens). I think I'm going steampunk. Late Victorian era with gaslights, telegraphs, steamer trains, clockwork. I have some ideas to warp some modern technologies into the technology of the era, and it would gain me that "magic" aspect that the story needs. I think I'll have to research this one, and probably plot it more than I usually do. So, dont' expect a word counter to appear just yet.

Besides, I have Claire and Helmut, plus Noah and Jessica to keep me busy for when I need to just pour out a story.

Here's hoping that I'll get my grove back over Christmas!


Robin Bielman said...

Good luck with the epub! Keep us posted. And happy writing! I'm in awe that you can juggle more than one manuscript at a time.

Kristi said...

Thanks, Robin. Have I mentioned that I'm a little ADD? I have to work harder to really finish a manuscript (and then edit) than to start a new one. If I had a little less self control I think I'd have about 20 manuscripts each with about 20 pages written by now.

Robin Bielman said...

Kristi, it's much easier for me to start a new ms too, but I just can't leave one until I feel it's truly done. Although at the moment I *am* revising two manuscripts - one YA and one adult, so that's a little challenging having to switch gears.

I'm chomping at the bit to start my next one!

Amanda said...

Mwah! Big ole kiss for saying I'll be a world famous author. I wouldn't worry too much about genre until you sell one and just hope that that's the genre you actually like writing, because they will expect more. :)