Friday, November 6, 2009

Trickling In

My contest scores have been arriving, one at a time, all week. I mentioned that I entered 4 different manuscripts, right? 4 different categories :) No finals :(

Its been interesting to read the comments and the scores that I've received. I apparently average about 80% across the board. Occaisionally, I get one judge who dearly loves me and/or one who hates me. I think that's just the way it goes. I'm taking a bit of a chance here and posting my scores. These are out of 100. For final rankings, they drop the lowest score and total the other two (the 3rd score would be a tie breaker if needed).

Hold on to the Knight (Single Title): 94 71 64
Accomplice (Suspense): 95 79 80
The Appearance of Impropriety (Category): 54 89 83

I don't have scores for Leap, though I hear (informally) that it recieved one rather high mark, and two that were not so exciting.

The contest coordinator sent along a spreadsheet showing the scores of all the manuscripts, including which judge judged which ones. No names, just code numbers, so you have to read all the scores to guess which code number your own manuscript was.

I find it interesting to compare what my 3 judges scored me vs other manuscripts. On two of these (I think HOTK and Appearance), I had exctly one judge who judged any of the 3 finalists. The other ms was NOT judged by any judge who judged a finaling ms (say that three times fast). That doesn't mean much, but it is interesting. Actually, on Appearance, the one judge who also judged a finalling entry scored me higher (that was my 89).

And, I entered the GH. Rather, I've paid to enter the GH. With Leap. So, I have a couple of weeks to polish and print. Oh yeah, and maybe add an ending :) I'm hoping for the contest feedback on it by sometime this weekend, so I can see if there are any repeat comments on things that need to be improved before I send it off.

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