Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something to chew on

I can write contemporary romances. And I’ve dreamed up one or two (hundred) historical plots that have not yet made it to (e-)paper. And I’m wrapping up final scenes in a manuscript involving telepathic aliens. I have notes on two more paranormals—one time travel the other more of a wizardry/magic thing.

But I just can’t do vampires. I try. I’ve got a couple of amusing titles in mind, and half an idea for a novella/short story. But I can’t even plot it out without the whole thing looking cheesy in my mind. And I blame Count Chocula and the Count from Sesame Street. Every vampire I try to picture has a purple face, a turn-of-the-century tuxedo and cape, and a hokey eastern European accent. “One, one kiss for the pretty girl, ha ha hah”.

And then there are the werewolves. Can you say doggy style? Is that really attractive? I’m not much of a dog person. Maybe that’s my problem. Had I ever been deeply enthralled with a Doberman or a German Shepherd, maybe I could translate it to romance? But then again, I hope not. Never had those kind of thoughts about my cats either.


For the record, I have nothing against vampires or werewolves. I just had a silly title pop into my head, and started thinking about the sub-subgenre, and why I’ve never gotten into vampire or werewolf paranormals as a reader. And how I could possibly write one (and why would I want to, except that I liked the goofy title, which I’m not sharing….) But I try to never say never, so no promises. Maybe the next thing I fall in love with will be vampire werewolves.

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