Friday, April 3, 2009

I warned you...

Comment modification now on. Thank you, spammer. I've learned, as a mother, not to give more than a single warning on bad behavior, and to follow up with exactly the consequences that I threatened.

BTW, next time try creating sentences that actually make sense. On one of my other blogs I've occasionally gotten ad-type spam that kind of relates to the post I'd written. That's annoying. This junk is just gibberish.

On the topic of writing, I'm making progress. I'm also splitting my forces, which is probably a bad idea. And yet, I have ideas (probably also bad ones) about so many different projects at once. So, I am recording progress on "Appearance of Impropriety", my contemporary cateogry novel featuring Claire and Helmut, who made their debuts on this blog. And I'm making forward progress on "Leap", my sci-fi/paranromal romance/romantic-elements.

The problem is that Leap is chest-deep in action right now, and writing all the tense action leaves me feeling a little keyed up (or maybe its the caffeine...I got my caramel latte leaded this morning). The category is fast-moving, but there are no guns (or phaser-type alien weapons) blazing, and it's still in the banter-stage. It's still on the climb to that first big hill of the emotional roller coaster, where you hear the click-click-click of the conveyor belt and begin grasping the handles with white knuckles. Leap is mid-corkscrew, heading for a tunnel.

So, hooray for having a day off. I've got a little shopping to do, lunch with my husband, then some combination of house cleaning and more writing until its time to pick up the kids for preschool. Maybe Leap's word count ticker will grow a little more this afternoon :)

And, remember, if you comment it might just take a day or two before it appears on the blog. Be patient with me please :)

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