Friday, April 17, 2009

I need a goal

I need a goal. I want to have two finished manuscripts that are pitch-worthy for RWA national this summer: my contemporary single-title (Chivalrous/Day and Knight/whatever other name I come up with), and my sci-fi/romance (Leap). That gives me just under 3 months to finish and polish one manuscript, and brush off the second. I'm at 57500 words on Leap, out of an estimated 90000. I'm going to set a tentative goal of having it story-complete by June 1st, which gives me about 6 weeks for edits. That's a lot of writing. And a decent chunk of editing.

32500 words in 6 weeks
5417 words a week
773 words a day

About an hour a day, maybe 45 minutes if I know where the story is going. Its an easier pace than NaNo, at least.

I hope I can do it. I really do. Or at least have it close enough that I can fudge the whole "finished manuscript" bit at conference.

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Robin Bielman said...

Good luck! You CAN do it!!