Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The carnage isn't as bad as I feared. Yet. I removed a couple of chapters from my WIP that I had written during NaNo, and later decided to toss. I wanted them to count towards my word count, so I'd left them in place :) I was afraid that I'd loose 10,000 or more words, but it only came in around 5k.

Now, I need to get moving forward again. I've had a nice week and a half long break, between NaNo recovery, critique group, and spending the weekend out of town. I also have plenty of editing to do on the sections that I read in the crit group.

Some of the comments were interesting. One was about how some of my word choices gave the piece almost a historical voice, not a contemporary one. I'm not sure that I'll be changing that. I don't think it bothers me for it to sound a little anachronistic, and depending on which POV I'm in, it is supposed to sound stiff and formal. Like the words have been translated by-the-book from another language, which in a way, for that character, they are.

Several of the sections that got repeatedly mentioned just felt funny when I read them out loud. So, overall, I concur with a lot of the feedback. Don't know when I'll get around to changing it though. Soon, maybe.

I still have no working title for my book.

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Robin said...

Good luck getting back to it! And I'm glad the carnage wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. :)