Monday, November 3, 2008

Inspiration, cracked wide open.

If the last two weeks have seemed busy, than this one is just impossible. I'm hoping not to fall too far behind on my NaNo writing, though I'm technically ahead of schedule as of last night (by a whopping 100 words). And, no, I can't resist charting the expected word count and comparing it to my actual progress. Maybe once I've collected more than two data points, I'll post a snapshot of my Excel graph.

In other news, we had Chinese for lunch yesterday. I normally don't keep my fortune cookies, as they're silly and really only amusing when you tack on "in bed" to the end. But, yesterday's I liked:

Your life will be prosperous if you use your creativity.

I'm keeping that one.

Now I need a name for my hero. In my MS so far, he's named "Hero". And while that could be humorous, it's not sticking. I think naming people is one of the hardest parts of starting a new story...

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Amanda said...

I can't start until I have a name.

I use the site and use the advanced search. Sometimes I look for a word in the meaning. Other times I use origin and a first letter. Eventually I hit on the right name for my character.