Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Still no new progress on Accomplice. I have made a good pass through Chivalrous for entering the Golden Heart. I have a copy that is all in one file (that I can burn to a CD and mail), as well as my snopsis written. And I spell-checked. That takes a long time on an 80k word manuscript when Word isn't fond of sentence fragments. Apparently, I misspell desperate and tongue a lot :)

Happily, my synopsis clocks in at 6 pages, double-spaced. And the end of my Chapter 4 is at exactly 49 pages. Added together, it's a neat and tidy 55...exactly the maximum requirement for entry. Magic, I tell you.

My brain is being seduced by a potential paranormal book (in a world that easily lends itself to a series). It's to the point that I've actually scribbled a couple of paragraphs of dialogue between the two main characters. No name for it yet, only for the heroine: Myrrah. I don't know why. But its her name.


Amanda said...

If I'm working on a novel already and get another one in my mind, I try not to abandon the first one. I write down all the ideas that present themselves to me and then go to it next. But if Accomplice isn't working for you, then maybe you need a change. I don't know. I'm editing. My brain is mush.

Kristi said...

I think some of the novel-cheating is because I haven't had the time to work on Accomplice. It's not that its not working, its that I'm not working on it. My routine is messed up the last couple of weeks.

I think because I'm not getting the time to work on it, my brain has picked another creative work to start thinking about. The few snippets that I've written have taken maybe 10 minutes total, snatched during lunch or breaks at work (which is not when I do any writing normall).

Its the same crazy logic that caused me to purchase a knitting machine when I couldn't find time to sew...I wasn't sewing anything because I had no time except when Char was sleeping and my sewing machine was too loud right next to her bedroom. The logic fault was that the knitting machine makes as much noise, and takes as much free time, that it solved nothing.