Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Work I forgot I did

I was checking through my list of notes in Yahoo (I frequently write stuff in my yahoo mail when I'm away from my laptop...I don't lose it that way). Lo and behold, I have a synopsis of Chivalrous. Nearly complete, and it reads pretty well. The part that was missing was the ending to the book. So far, I've written 3 endings--each plotted completely differently. I think I wrote up the synopsis before I plotted out that last ending.

That's been on my list of things to do, in case I need it for a query letter, or if I decide to enter the Golden Heart. It's like finding a $20 in the pocket of an old purse.

I have started a spreadsheet with a list of agents (looked up via what authors they represent), including what I could find of their submission requirements. I have probably said all this before. Oh well, so I repeat myself. I entered one contest, and think I get results back about a month from now. That's probably when I would start sending out a round of letters. Unless the contest results say "this sucks quit writing and never come back" :)

Hmm...I have a tiny bit of progress to report on Accomplice, but I'm not on my laptop just now, so I don't know how much. I tried bringing my laptop to my daughter's dance class and writing in the lobby on Monday. That might have worked better if there was a power outlet. I get about 20 minutes on my battery before I have to shut down. That's one of those things I just haven't bothered to fix...99% of the time I can plug in (even in the car...i bought one of those cigarette lighter power inverter thingies...$10 much cheaper than a $100+ laptop battery....).

Maybe I should start checking my old purses...If my luck holds I might be able to afford that new battery after all....


Robin said...

Oh, I think that's much better than finding a twenty! Yay! Not sure if I told you good luck with the contest, so good luck! Which one did you enter? (And you're a great writer! Don't let that doubtful inner critic have her way and tell you anything else! The judges responses are going to be super helpful, and I've got a feeling very good!)

Amanda said...

If a contest judge says something like that make sure to report to the coordinator. Seriously, they don't want people to judge who aren't going to be supportive in their criticism. It shouldn't be that bad though. Your pages are good and a better start than some I've seen.