Thursday, September 25, 2008

I won a writing contest! Well, sort of....

This is my week for silly blog contests I guess :)

I have won the dubious honor of having written the "Best Worst Last Line" for a make believe mystery novel. The contest was held at Redlines and Deadlines, the contest post (with entries in the comments) is here, with the winners announced here.

I entered a romance and a mystery option. I was in a silly mood that day, and decided to swap genres for inspiration--so my mystery ending has a sort of romance-genre twist, and my romance had a bad-mystery-novel ending line. Here is a repost of my winning mystery entry:

Gertrude dabbed her eyes with a frilly handkerchief as the radiant bride sailed down the aisle toward her groom.

"It is fortuitious that the authorities have apprehended that monster. Imagine beginning one's sixth marriage with the spectre of a husband-killing psycopath on the loose," whispered Fanny.

"Oh, indeed. Imagine the horror of having your own lingerie used to strangle each of your dearest loves in the honeymoon suite. The poor darling must be so relieved." Gertrude hid a delicate sniffle with her hanky.

"And this husband is so much wealthier than any of her others. I do so love happy endings!"

And here is my romance option, which was easily beaten by some more amusing options:

"But, what about us?" he sputtered.

Scarlett turned and arched one eyebrow. His aristocratic face was etched with pain.

"Us? There is nothing left for us. You must see that."

"But my lands, my title, my baby!"

"I never wanted any of those things. And as for this," she patted her swelling belly, "The butler did it."


Robin said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Amanda said...

Nice. I snarfed at the butler did it line.