Monday, July 14, 2008

Writing Space

Where do you write?

Once upon a time, in the epoch before halflings invaded my live, I had an office of my own. It was more of a craft room, actually, as my creative-drug-of-choice back then was sewing. Along came my daughter, and her daddy and I opted to squeeze our collective caca into a single "office". For the last 4 years or so, that "office" has resembled more of an overstuffed closet with computers. It even has its own, huge, walk-in closet, which with the addition of a window and some electrical outlets would be indistinguishable from the rest of the office (i.e. overrun with stuff and books and assorted computer parts).

My office furniture has consisted mainly of folding tables, El-Cheapo particle board bookshelves, a chest of drawers (to hold the fabric stash, of course), and some cardboard "bankers boxes" full of patterns and other assorted junk craft supplies. For a while I used an old, Franenstein-esque computer assembled from cast-off parts from my husband's system, on an old TV cart. I upgraded myself to a laptop nearly 3 years ago now, to free myself of the the cart. By doing that, I also freed myself of my "office" space.

My newfound freedom allowed me to compute anwhere and everywhere--at the kitchen table, at Starbucks, when travelling, while sitting in bed! My folding tables grew increasingly lonely, and burdened by the heavy weight of all of the junk office supplies I have tossed on them. Finally, there was a breakdown. Literally. On one of my two tables, the leg support is no longer firmly attached to the table top and prone to collapsing.

After months of dragging my feet, I have finally handed over money for a real desk. A very pretty real desk, mind you. It is identical to one a friend of mine bought, and I am NOT ASHAMED of being a copycat. It's a beautiful desk, and quite a bargain. The only similar piece I saw at a different store cost double what I paid.

And it looks so Writerly. Writerish. Cool.

Here's a photo

(No this isn't my office. It's the pic from the furniture's website. And I didn't get the fancy chair, just the desk).

My new space arrives on Friday. Hmm...that's not much time to relocate all of my junk important belongings. I know what I'm doing this week.

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Robin said...

Oh, that desk is beautiful! Yay for you! Enjoy setting it up and I just bet great words are going to come forth as you sit at it! I've got an office (used to be the guest room, now guests have to sleep on the couch or one of the boys' rooms) and I love it! My desk is no where near as nice as yours but I've tried to fill the room with things that make me happy. Have fun in your new space! Happy writing!