Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun with Blogger

So, I've discovered (finally) how to schedule a post for future publication in Blogger. You set the date to the future. That's it. Gee, you'd think I might have tried that once on my own.

I'm bad about my posting. Some days (mainly Mondays and Tuesdays), I'm full of ideas and sometimes have 2 or 3 posts to compose in a single day. And some days I've got zero (mainly Fridays and weekends). Now I can spread the wealth(pain) out more evenly through the week.

Also, on a side note, does anyone have a copy (in Outlook or soemthing) of my old post called "Epiphany" where I talked about getting inspiration from Grisham about how sports guys talk? Could you email it to me (or post it in the comments here?) I managed to delete it while trying to delete a draft post that I never finished. I know, it did ask "are you sure" and I did say "Delete it" a second time. But I had already clicked the button when I realized that it was the wrong one. I got smart, though, and now have my blog forwarding to my yahoo account so I will have a copy somewhere else should I be that clumsy again. (It's not critical that I retain every whine and progress report I ever wrote, but darnit, I kind of liked that post...there's a reason that I'm now the owner of a USB flash drive for backing up my WIP....)

So, I hope to hear from ya'll sometime tomorrow afternoon, as I'm scheduling this post for the future. After all, I've already posted twice today (it's a Tuesday).

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Robin said...

Hi Kristi! It worked - it's Thursday morning! Now you can line up a whole bunch of great posts and then forget about it. :)

How's the writing going?