Friday, June 27, 2008


I saw a link to this website from Lynn Viehl's blog. You can paste in a snippet of text, and it will produce the word cloud for you. I think you can tweak some of the settings to change colors or how the words are arranged a bit, but mostly it uses the frequency of the words you type in. Kind of cool. This one is from a quick piece I wrote a month or so ago in response to a writing prompt. It could be the first chapter of a book at some point. Maybe.

I think I might play around with this website at home, with some of the chapters in my book. I keep thinking that I"m repeating some words too many times, and this might give me a big, visual clue about which ones to look for.

(Note, sorry if you see this post twice! I had to fix several links that I pasted in wrong)

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Robin said...

I really enjoyed that writing prompt and definitely think you should write more on it - no maybe's. :)
And woo hoo on your current WIP! You're getting close to finishing.