Monday, March 24, 2008

A new challenge

There was a challenge posted to the RWC group, to work on your WIP at least 5 days every week. No time limit, no word count limits, just do something. Could even be editing or writing query letters or whatever. I'm game. I want Chivalrous finished. Really finished, not the sort of half-formed lump that it currently is. It needs help in a lot of places, and if I don't just sit down and do it, then it will end up like the afghan I found yesterday--a sort of granny-square thing where each "square" is really a hexagon, so it ends up more like the flower garden quilts. In any case, about 3/4 of the blocks have been hooked together, and the rest need to be added, and a finishing border put around it. I think I started this thing long before Charlotte was conceived. In my defense, I didn't like the color combination after I got started,w hich made it hard to stay excited about it, and babies tend to require both of my hands (and the yarn is a huge temptation for them to play), so I have done exceedingly litte handicrafting since Char came along.

Ok, so back to the writing. 5 days out of every 7. Friday I signed up, but we had out of town visitors Friday night-Sunday. So I worked Sunday for about an hour after our guests left and while both children were napping. I made progress. Maybe 400 new words in a new version of an old scene. It's the second scene in teh book. Originally, my heroine meets the hero's fiance in this scene, and the hero doesn't show (the couple have already met in teh first scene). I'm trying to throw hero + fiancee + heroine all together right away and see if it works any better. As long as I don't ramble as much as this post, it will probably be fine. I hope.

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