Friday, February 22, 2008

It girl

Ok, so I volunteered. But officially, Amanda tagged me. I'm not quite sure I have enough (any) willing people to tag in return--hadn't quite thought that one through. We'll see what I come up with.

1/ you link back to the person who tagged you.
2/ post these rules on your blog.
3/ share six unimportant things about yourself.
4/ tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5/ let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Six unimportant things about me:
1. I hate cherries. Olives too. In both cases, love the flavor but the texture of the fruit gives me the icks. I use lots of olive oil in my cooking, and will eat the crust and juice only out of a cherry pie.
2. When I pump, my left breast produces about twice the milk that my right one does, though pre-kids my right was always slightly bigger than my left.
3. When I was in the third grade, I was in two commercials: one radio and one television, made by a friend of my dad's. I have no idea if either ever aired, and if they did, they would have been as far from primetime as possible (one was advertising a nursing home and the other a fancy drywall patch kit).
4. I got ordained online by the Universal Life Church once on a whim. I chose not to pay extra for a fancy title (Goddess, High Sorceress, etc), nor have I ever offered to perform a marriage ceremony.
5. I have a collection of teddy bears from Hard Rock Cafes, started in the 8th grade when we took a class daytrip to DC. They're all named George. My Georges never got a St. Louis brother.
6. My wedding rings are a half size bigger than my husbands, though they're a little loose these days (assuming we're done with finger-swelling pregancies and I don't start gaining weight once my metabolism-happy breastfeeding days are over, I'll probably have them resized for good).

Now, for whom to nominate, I have no idea.....maybe I'm breaking the rules....


Amanda said...

Cool. A little oversharing about the breast, but hey, my lefties always been a little bigger too. Of course, that's the one that had two lumps removed, mastitis twice, and a few weeks ago swelled and was so painful I took more Aleve than I normally take in five days. All better now. Now look who's oversharing.

Kristi said...

Given how many of my conversations over the last year are centered on anuses (or is it ani? anum? teehee...), breasts seem rather mundane. Besides, Charlotte talks about them quite a lot (she can tell you what they're for, who has them, who doesn't, whose are large, etc).