Friday, January 25, 2008

Coffee ice cream is a bad idea at bedtime

I did get my enrollment figured out--apparently, faxing in my "payment voucher" paperwork from my employer didn't go through or didn't get processed the first time. Second time was the charm (I also got a very helpful person on the phone and a different fax number).
Wash U has apparently rehydrated my old (old old old) email address and set it up to forward to my work address, and I've received a lovely notice about their automatic emergency notification system. She also said she would try to get my name changed in the student the mean time, I am finding it rather odd to see emails addressed to my maiden name.

Last week's class was amusing in part because I am so out of practice for attending a college class. I was running around trying to get ready, debating whether or not to pack my laptop (and whether I'd find a wireless connection if I needed one), that I nearly forgot to bring paper. And a pen. In my defense, the only classes I've taken in the last 10 years (gulp...that's a really big number), have been entirely computer related, with pens optional (generally only used to initial the roster on the first day), and lined paper completely unnecessary. I also had to check the campus map to find the right building (Eads). This class is not in one of the many, many new buildings on campus. In fact, I know that I had at least one class in this building as an undergrad. I just could not remember which one it was. Lucky for me, there is a new (to me) coffee shop in the library that is about 10 feet from one of the doors to the building, so after arriving early (doh! class doesn't start till 7 after...), I had plenty of time to get a nice steaming cup of my favorite beverage :)

My homework's done, though I realized after I printed it out that I forgot to put my name on top (take credit for my work? Normally you'd have to check the userid in the revision history to know who to blame for the spelling errors....). I also realized that I'm probably the only one in the class who won't didn't indent paragraphs. Lucky for them I didn't start the whole thing off with "1 Introduction...1.1 Document Scope...1.2...." :)

I need to get some sleep.

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