Saturday, November 10, 2007

Behind already

I think I'm approaching this book thing like I would a software design: top-down. Identify the major elements of the plot, and work those first. Start filling in less important scenes second. Last go in and fill in more of the details of the plot. Finally, do final revision (in software, that would be followed by peer review...we'll see what kind of shape we're in at hte end of this). I've got the opening scene written, and what's going to be right around the climax (of the novel....get your mind out of the gutter). I have some of the key wrap-up scenes floating around my of them is definitely next. I also wrote a sort of intro-to-the-heroine scene, which also introduces the hero's fiance. I started on the hero's intro scene, but it's on hold.

I'm only at about 11k words (one of these days I'll find some sort of widget to put on my blog). I thought I would have more time to write this week, but have been sidetracked by a trip to the ER with my youngest (his 3rd this year...we even got priority seating...luckily we were sent home with a fairly benign diagnosis). I should have had time last night before bed, but my husband sat down next to me to read. I have a hard time writing with an audience. I need to tell him what I'm up to sometime soon, but even then I don't really want people in the room. He's especially bad about interrupting--always commenting about his own books while I'm reading--it breaks my concentrating. Some days he's just as bad as the kids, wanting to be attached when I really need breathing room (not just from him...I just need some amount of time during the day with no one interrupting my thoughts or plastered to my side...time I get very little of lately).

Anyway, I digress. I might have a few more minutes of just me-and-baby time, so I should take advantage of it and start in on another chapter.

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